Spermplus 60 Capsules Special for For Low Sperm Count

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Ingredients Ashwagandha Extract, Gokshru Extract, Kounch Beej Extract, Kali Musli Extract, Akarkara Extract, Vidhara Extract, Jaiphal, Kali Mirch, Imli Beej, Jeevanti, Salabmisri
Packaging 60 Capsules
Dosage/ Usage For best results 1 capsule Morning and 1 Capsules Evening with lukewarm milk after an hour meal or as directed by the physician.
Brand Orgin INDIA

Sperm is the male reproductive Cells, produced by the testicles while semen is the fluid that contains it. The human pregnancy in achieved by fertilizing an egg of woman by a sperm of man. There are millions of sperms in a man semen though It takes only a single sperm to fertilize an egg. A sperm count less than 20 million per milliliter is called oligospermia or male infertility. Possible causes of low sperm count include side effects of medicines, excessive stress and exposure to radiation, smoking, diet or testicular abnormalities at birth. It is also possible that high blood sugar may damage sperm. Herbs vitamins, mineral, water and proteins all help to increase sperm count. Spermplus is the best herbal remedy formulated as per ayurvedic achayaras to increase sperm count and sperm quality in men. These ancient herbs have shown through hundreds years of use to help men have healthy sperm that help in increase fertility.



Life Changing Product

Really it is a life changing product.By taking this product for two months only my sperm count was increased heavily and now I have a beautiful baby.Must try this.


wonderful product

It is very effective medicine.100% herbal.I used it for two months,now I have increased my sperm count.


Real Sperm power

Hi I am Vicky From Chandigarh.My Friend's sperm count was very low.So he was feeling very depressed But Shivalik Spermplus given him a new life.Now ,After taking one full course of this effective medicine he ha gained his sperm count & lives a very satisfied life.


good product

its really work ; no side effect ; just used it

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Spermplus 60 Capsules Special for For Low Sperm Count

Spermplus 60 Capsules Special for For Low Sperm Count

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