Shivalik Herbals India Kings Power Prash for General Wellness - 200 g

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Indications Improve Sexual Health For Men & Women
Packaging 200 gram
Dosage/ Usage 1 teaspoon of India kings Power Prash with glass of luke milk water before breakfast and before dinner.
Brand Orgin india

India Kings Power Prash
Gone are the days in which men hardly disclosed their impotency and failure at bed. Now the remedies like India Kings Power Prash are very much available just a step higher than an absolute choice. If you are a men who are destined to leave the bed without completing your sexual impulses, India Kings Power Prash happens to be a must try. It has been made to add an extension to your sexual intercourse. India Kings Power Prash is a unique sex supplement for ultimate sex life. A great natural aphrodisiac & sex stimulant with vital herbs like Amla, Ashwagandha, Brahami, Dal Chini, Gokhru, Kali mirch, Kaunch, Musli White, Pipla Mool, Salam Mishri, Saunth, Shatawar, Shilajeet, Chandhi Barak, Honey, Til Oil etc. The beauty of this product is that it is ideal for both men and women.

India Kings Power Prash works for women in great way. It increase the ultimate sex desire, speed up the arousal, help produce profuse lubricant to have better health ,assists in getting balanced sex hormons, helps in getting easy and enjoyable orgasm with multiplicity, helps reduce pain while sexual intercourse and strength & energy for longer sex act every time and gives heavenly pleasure and satisfaction.

India Kings Power Prash Dosage: – Take 1 Tea Spoon with Milk Daily

India Kings Power Prash is herbal health supplement. India Kings Power Prash got all that a man and women want from a sex supplement.It is a successful and unique formulation of rare and precious herbs that works as a natural sex enhancer. India Kings Power Prash resolves all of your sex related problems and makes your married and sex life more enjoyable and fulfilled




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Shivalik Herbals India Kings Power Prash for General Wellness - 200 g

Shivalik Herbals India Kings Power Prash for General Wellness - 200 g

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