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Combo pack of Apsra Secret Desire Capsules

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Apsara’s Secret Desire Capsules

In Indian mythology Apsaras reside in heaven and they always remain young and sensual. For centuries Indian society has been dominated by males that is why many herbal and drug companies have focused only on manufacturing products to help men to have better sex. It is a fact that in India nearly 85% women experience little or no sexual pleasure with satisfaction during intercourse.
Our ayurvedacharayas have formulated a female libido enhancer in the name of Apsara’s Secret Desire Capsules specifically to provide maximum benefits to women to turn bad sex into good sex. Apsara’s Secret Desire Capsules contain essential herbs that fulfil a woman’s sexual desire & intensity.
Apsara’s Secret Desire Capsules help to:
• Heightens Libido and restore lack of sex drive
• Increases Vaginal Lubrication
• Anti-Ageing
• Cures frigidity due to Menopause and other reasons.

For women, life today is more tough and demanding, the dual workload of home and office have detrimental effects on your sexuality. Constant stress deteriorates general and sexual health which worsens the problems and both professional and personal life starts suffering.

Apsara’s Secret Desire capsule is Ayurvedic herbal formula specifically for women to help heighten libido, Vaginal Lubrication & the overall sexual experience.


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Combo pack of Apsra Secret Desire Capsules

Combo pack of Apsra Secret Desire Capsules

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