KamTantra 30ml x 3 Bottles Increase Extra Power ..for Men

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  • Helps Increase Sex Time & Sex Power.
  • Harder Longer Lasting Erection.
  • Make Penis Muscles.
  • Increase Extra Power.
  • 100% Natural Formula No. Side Effects.

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Indications Premium Massage Oil for men
Packaging 30ml x 3 Bottles
Dosage/ Usage Wash Your Penis then massage morning and evening 4 to 5 min with 6 to 7 drops oil
Brand Orgin india
  1. According to the journal of American medical association about 43% of women & 31% of men suffer sexual inadequacy for one reason or another. The reason cited included low desire, performance anxiety, premature ejaculation etc. penis the or is a tubular muscular or gem. That consists three material chambers that are made up of special strong tissues as blood in filled in these visuals during arousal, it becomes rigid and effect. The organ contains numerous sanative nerves ending apart from small arteries.

    Erectile dysfunctions:- ED is a condition when a person cannot penetrate his woman due to weak or soft evections. Damage to the vascular system can impair blood flow. If an artery is blocked, not enough blood will trainee to the penis, making it difficult to get an evection the poor blood circulation to his genitals may be due to various causes. Out of which the most common one are Anixter or Stress ageing process, high blood pressure, diabetes, prostrate infection, obesity, their related treatment and surgeries. People who indulge in alcoholism, drugs, smoking etc further aggravate to poor evection health.

                One of the oldest techniques of ayurveds improving blood circulation to all parts of the body is massage with herbal oil, therefore massaging a penis is helpful in removal of blockage form the arteries, thus enhancing the flow of blood to the penile area resulting in fuller and bigger evection. Massaging the organ for a few months improves the holding power of veins and tissues as well as size and length of the organ.


    Kamtantra oil

                There are dozens of oil & lubricants that claim to improve evection etc but that have negative side effects. Oil is natural herbal protract that enhance sexual drive and pleasure along with enhanced evections and more satisfying orgasm and powerful climax is Kamtantra oil is prepared as per ancient ayurvedic formulations which have proven to be a highly effective for erectile dysfunction treatment there are no side effects because of natural ingredients. The special method of preparation preserves the efficacy of the herbs that leads to remarkable results.



    Benefits of Kamtantra oil

    1.       100% Herbal
    2.       No side effects.
    3.       Rejuvenates damaged arteries and nerves.
    4.       Increased blood circulation to lighten and harden your penis.
    5.       Better control of sexual drive.
    6.       Increase male sexual staying power and delay in climax.
    7.       Feel more intense excitement than ever before.
    8.       Accelerate the process of evection after ejaculation. 

 Q1. Is Kamtantra oil sage to use?

      Yes, Kamtantra oil is safe to use. It doesn’t cause any side effects because it is purely herbal oil with 

      all natural ingredients. Therefore you can use Kamtantra massage oil for long duration also.

 Q.2  How long I need to use Kamtantra oil to improve my evection quality?

You can use Kamtantra massage oil as long as you wish, but as per basic idea we suggest to use it consistently two to four month. It all depends on the person is person. Some get the desired healing within two months other may late four to five months also.

 Q3.  How use the ayurvedic massage oil?

      Take about 8-10 drops of Kamtantra herbal massage oil and gently massage the soft your organ avoiding scrotum and gloves. Massage for 4-5 minutes till it is totally absorbed by your skin.

 Q4.  Will it leave a greasy or oily residue?

      It is herbal formulation that is totally absorbed in the skin without an oily, sticky or greasy feeling.

 Q5.  What will it feel like when I apply it?

       You will feel a very warm and pleasant feeling your evection will build stronger as you massage on              

       your organ.

 Q6.  Will this really help with premature ejaculation?

       Yes! One is most expected to notice the benefit in the area of strength, regality and also refraction in

       the occurrence of premature ejaculation.

 Q7.  What are the ingredients of Kamtantra massage oil?

       Kamtantra oil is completely herbal containing the most basic ayurvedic herbs that will make your

       penile to grow as much as you desire it to be.



Great Oil.

Great Oil.........Improve sex life



very good

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KamTantra 30ml x 3 Bottles Increase Extra Power ..for Men

KamTantra 30ml x 3 Bottles Increase Extra Power ..for Men

  • Helps Increase Sex Time & Sex Power.
  • Harder Longer Lasting Erection.
  • Make Penis Muscles.
  • Increase Extra Power.
  • 100% Natural Formula No. Side Effects.

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